Štefan Tóth - Pressemitteilung - Galerie La Brique - Frankfurt


Kunst ist nicht das Konzeptuelle, Kunst ist das Kontextuelle


The exhibition at La Brique Gallery presents a conceptual collection of paintings and graphic works. Why conceptual? Conceptual is their form. The content is then context. The exhibition is the first comprehensive “visualization” of my own theoretical considerations that arose during doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In 2012, I finished the text under the title “The importance of context in contemporary art / Reinterpretation as an artistic style.” I chose the dual title of my theoretical work to show the possibility of the relationship between context – concept. The dichotomy is also a symptom of the exhibition in the La Brique Gallery. The viewer may have the impression of being at a group exhibition that shows the diversity of theoretical approaches and their visualized forms. But this impression is odd. Another poorly interpreted meaning ambiguity of form and content is a perception that I am looking for my own visual language and therefore installation looks like a study in contemporary art forms in actual artistic operations. The right understanding of the exhibition is the word context. Contextual art is in my conception scientific discipline. The correct word for the contextual art form is research. The exhibition is due to – private research of aesthetics as philosophy of art. However, Is it contextual art the conception of aesthetics? Taking into account the constantly transformed modernist point of view (if you want to avoid the term postmodernism, etc.), philosophy of art has become indifferent. Current theoretical platform instructions to the word communication are in fact passive. Contemporary art is a never ending parade of emptied forms. Form is everything – sign of contemporary art from which, however, my show will dissociate. I work with a form to tell something. Aesthetics is the process of mental conception, which can assess the interaction between form and content. And that brings me to the essence of the exhibition. Installation called “Kunst ist nicht das Konzeptuelle, Kunst ist das Kontextuelle” next to mentioned interaction form – content, raises question about other correlation: concept – context. Different views of the situation, objects, areas, themes, illustration and architecture are depicted in relationships that can be directly contradictory to relationships, what we know in the real world. The basic purpose of the exhibition are semantic syntaxes in the paintings, which are folded into graphical network to show, that the installation worked as a mental map with reasonable visual quality. The exhibition, as a whole, presents my work as “retrospective” and a “retroactive” show created specifically for the La Brique Gallery.


Štefan Tóth
Prague, April 2013