ZHANG Yuxin - Exhibitions - 2001-2008


Chinese Cultural Centre, Paris, France

Galerie Bouquinerie de l’Institut, Paris, France

Galerie Akié Arichi, Paris, France


Galerie Métanoia, Paris, France

Chinese Cultural Centre, Paris, France

International Culture- and Art Exhibition, France


Fine Arts Exhibition in Union of Cultural Intercommunion, Paris, France


Contemporary Watercolours „Beauté divine“:

The 1st prize for the international students, France

Autumn Salon, Paris, France


Exhibition „Chinese Culture“, Paris

The prize „Workspace - Watercolour“, 24th Art Exhibition, France

2001 - 2003

Golden Prize „Famous people, famous places, famous works“, Russian Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

Fine Arts Exhibition,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

„Friendship China – Japan“, 1st Prize Chinese Artists Association, China

2550 University of Confucius Exhibition, Chinese Association, China