Eduard Gorokhovsky (1929-2004)

Numerous museums worldwide exhibit his artworks:

Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

Russian Museum, St Petersburg

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

Albertina, Vienna

Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen

Stadtmuseum Dresden, Dresden

Jüdisches Museum, Frankfurt on Main

Alpha Cubic Gallery, Tokyo

Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers, USA

His famous Stalin painting, composed of 2,488 Lenin portraits,
has for years been one of the best known classical paintings of Russian SozArts.

He was one of the first artists in Russia to use photography in paintings and
developed his own method of Photography transfer to silkscreen and etching.

Eduard Gorokhovsky is certainly not unknown, though at his exhibitons
one often has the impression of encountering the completely new art of an unknown artist.
Of an unknown artist of world renown.